Privacy Update

Welcome to the Pocket Casts blog. It’s all new, fresh and shiny! For those of you that missed them, we had two blogs posts about our recent transition you might want to catch up on: The Next Chapter and Addressing Your Concerns. Going forward we’ll be posting updates here, not the Shifty Jelly blog.

Today we’d like to borrow a minute of your time to talk about updates to our Privacy Policy. As anyone with an email inbox has recently found out: every company in the world appears to be updating their privacy policies to comply with new European legislation that goes into effect later this week. We’re no different in this regard, and our updated policy can be found here.

In terms of what’s changed: not a lot. Where it used to say ‘Shifty Jelly’ it now says ‘Pocket Casts’ and we’ve made it clearer what we store about you when you aren’t logged in vs when you are. Because of the value we place on your privacy, and only storing the minimal data required to provide you with our service we didn’t have to change that much. You’ll note we still don’t store things like your IP Address, any sort of advertising or device identifiers, your location or anything else which might seem even remotely creepy. To us user privacy isn’t just a marketing term, it’s core to who we are and how we choose to operate.

Anyway, thanks for your time. Hopefully the next blog post can be about something more exciting!

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