Pocket Casts Wear OS App

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Pocket Casts Wear OS app! Elevate your podcast listening experience right on your wrist; all you need is a Wear OS-compatible watch, a Pocket Casts Plus subscription, and your favorite Bluetooth headphones.

What is Wear OS?

Wear OS is a Google operating system specifically designed for watches such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Google Pixel Watch.

What can you do with the Pocket Casts Wear OS app?

With the Pocket Casts Wear OS app, we’ve made listening to podcasts more convenient than ever. You can now leave your phone behind while you’re going for a run or walking the dog, and still enjoy a seamless Pocket Casts experience!

You can access any episode from your subscribed podcasts, Up Next queue, or Filters, as well as being able to access your uploaded cloud files. Episodes can be played, downloaded, queued/unqueued, archived/unarchived, starred/unstarred, or marked/unmarked as played. And you can even adjust Playback Effects; change the playback speed, trim excess silence, and switch on Volume Boost to make voices sound louder.

Getting Started

To download the app via your watch:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store
  2. Search for Pocket Casts
  3. Tap “Install”

To download the app via your phone:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store
  2. Search for Pocket Casts
  3. Find your Wear OS device in the list of available devices
  4. Tap “Install”

To download the app via a browser:

  1. Open the Pocket Casts Play Store page
  2. Click “Install on more devices”
  3. Select your Wear OS device from the list of devices
  4. Click “Install”

Then just log in to your Pocket Casts Plus account via the Pocket Casts phone app, or log in with Google or email, and you’re ready to take your podcast listening experience to the next level!

For more info on using the app, check out our support site. If you have any questions or wish to share feedback on the Wear OS app experience, please reach out.

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